Awakened from slumber – Wolterton Park, Norfolk – By Johnny Farrar-Bell

Norfolk, 2015: – A glimpse of stonework through trees. The outline of a tumbledown church tower over a brick and flint wall. The outline of a Georgian faรงade. And then a dilapidated gatehouse, with the gates themselves open and inviting. I cycled on down the drive โ€“ only a basic wooden box encouraged visitors toContinue reading “Awakened from slumber – Wolterton Park, Norfolk – By Johnny Farrar-Bell”

Et in Arcadia – The Temple, Stoke-by-Nayland

Tucked away in the Suffolk countryside, not far from the Essex border, is the small village of Stoke-by-Nayland. Famed for its timber-framed cottages, many of them thatched, there are a handful of properties that do not fit this mould. South of the village, surrounded by fields, is one such building. This building is so extraordinaryContinue reading “Et in Arcadia – The Temple, Stoke-by-Nayland”

A Jacobean Jewel in the Surrey Hills

An hour’s train ride south-west of London brings you to the pretty commuter villages of East and West Horsley. Drive for five minutes from the station until you hit the Leatherhead to Guildford road. A little way along towards the county town, surrounded by fields, is a modest red-brick gate lodge and splendid wrought ironContinue reading “A Jacobean Jewel in the Surrey Hills”

An innate longing for beauty

Is an appreciation of beauty something we are born with, or something we are taught? This is the question with which I begin my first blog post. My friend, the late philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, had much to say on the subject (and I am not going to try and emulate him). Of course, likeContinue reading “An innate longing for beauty”